Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lay's Denmark Barbecue

Another bag from Denmark! Whoop! Here's Barbecue flavor, Danish style. The Barbeque image on the front is a vegetable skewer, so I'm not sure if this bag was supposed to taste like meatless bbq or with meat. These chips are really nice. The texture is similar to Lay's USA, but the potato is clearly better quality... I enjoyed them. They aren't as potato-y as other chips, just a hint of potato taste and the seasoning is the star. The flavor in the first bite reminded me of a less intense version of the BBQ chips we have here at home. After a few more chips I found the sweetness. It was pretty cool. They are just like the ones we have here, but they aren't at the same time (Does that make sense?). At one point I licked my fingers and I could have sworn I had just tasted Chicken skewers. Insane. So maybe this bag is supposed to taste like Chicken BBQ? IDK. Regardless, I think BBQ lovers will really love this bag. Great for when you are missing chips from home in Scandinavia. For those who missed my other Danish Lay's review... I found these not only in Copenhagen, but in Sweden as well. So, they are worth a search if visiting the region. Loved it, glad I still have a bag left. Good job DK :)

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