Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Walkers UK Smoky Bacon

Mmm. Bacon.
Bacon is by far one of my favorite flavors of chips. This bag is serious happiness. You pop it open and it smells like rich, fatty, luscious BACON! The taste is really pork-y. Having tasted Bacon in England, I know that their bacon retains a more authentic pork taste... this bag emulates that earthy, pork belly, style bacon. The label could be almost be swapped to smoked ham and you wouldn't know the difference. The potatoes are perfection. Walkers always makes the best chips. I've given up trying to find another chip as delicious as a Walkers brand chip. It tastes of hearty potato flavor. It stands up to the strong bacon flavor. They just go together like two pieces of a puzzle.
If you like Bacon you've got to track this down. Try a local British grocer or Amazon. I highly recommend it!

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