Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gotta Get At This: Lay's Romania Sete De Bere

Well, now I've seen everything. Lay's Romania is on SUCH a roll right now! This, is Lay's Romania's "Sete De Bere"... or, in English, "Thirst For Beer".


Ok, this is a bag of beer and brats flavored potato chips. It is essentially Oktoberfest in a bag.

I need to try this. Do you understand???

Everything about this is such a great idea. I want to be in Romania RIGHT NOW.


  1. Where are you from? If can make it to you I can bring you one :D The taste is amazing :)

  2. How strange, I never saw this comment, sorry. Madutza, if you can get the new Sete de Bere flavors I would love to try them. But, Im in the United States.