Friday, November 30, 2012

Gotta Get At This: Lay's Argentina Restó

Here is an awesome looking collection from Argentina! This is the Lay's Restó collection. This is another thick cut chip, but the unique thing is that these come with the potato skin on! The packaging is lovely and the flavor collection sounds delish! We've got Lomo (Pork Loin), Papa Rellena (Stuffed Baked Potato), Muzzarella (Mozzarella), and Pollo (Chicken). There may be more in the collection, but these are what they are currently advertising. I think this collection has been around since 2010 or so and you can also find this line in Chile with some different flavors. They are currently being promoted on Lay's Argentina's facebook page... probably because they've got new packaging... but either way, I'd never seen them until now. So it just gives me another lovely collection to track down! :)) For now, I'll enjoy the pretty packaging and look for an affordable flight to Argentina ;p

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