Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Margarita Colombia Onduladas Sabor A Crema & Especias

YUMM. These are the bomb dot com.
Here is a bag of Margarita Onduladas aka Ruffles, in Sour Cream and Spices. It's basically Sour Cream and Onion... actually, it's basically the BEST Sour Cream and Onion EVER. Margarita makes my favorite chips worldwide, and these do NOT disappoint. Their potatoes are always perfectly cooked, full of flavor, and never have burnt spots. The rich, yummy, potato flavor always shines through. The Ruffle style chips are thicker than the sliced variety, crunchier, and pack more potato flavor. The spices are visible on the chips and give a strong but simple flavor. The flavor is the perfect blend of a creamy sour cream and herbs with an oniony/sour tang. I'm telling you, if you are a Sour Cream and Onion fan, this is the PERFECT bag. It's just so yummy and well made. I'm pretty stoked that I have another bag of these waiting to get demolished in my kitchen. It's just SO good! Hunt these down and do what you gotta do!

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