Monday, February 25, 2013

Gotta Get At This: Lay's USA Kettle Cooked Reduced Fat

How I missed this, I'll never know. But, apparently last summer Lay's USA released new Kettle Cooked Reduced Fat offerings. I just thought they were the same flavors with reduced fat. BUT they actually introduced 2 new flavors into the collection... Sundried Tomato and Parmesan (OMG!!) and Applewood Smoked BBQ.

Both bags contain 40% less fat than regular potato chips. Which is a LOT less fat.
I haven't had Kettle Cooked chips in some time, but they are definitely my favorite line in the US. They have a better Potato taste, and the texture is great. Compared to other Kettle brands they are awesome because they arent SUPER rock hard. I always say that I feel like I am going to break a tooth on most Kettle cooked chips, but Lay's are perfectly crunchy. They also tend to be seasoned better than the regular line. So, Ill have to hunt these down and give them a taste.
Sorry that the news is coming so late, but if you were in the dark like me and just wasn't paying attention, now you know.
The line also includes a 40% less fat version of the Original/ Salted Kettle Chips... which had already been available for a while when these came out.

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  1. How have I not seen or heard about these?!?!? I need to try both of them stat! Thanks for the tip :)