Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gotta Get At This: Walkers New Packaging for 2013

 Walkers has just updated their site with gorgeous new bag designs for their crisps. I love these bags. They echo British pride and showcase the homegrown UK potatoes.
The potato depicted now has a Union Jack flag cut into it, and a Union Jack shadow emanating from the potato and crisps.They also describe the flavors in a really unique way highlighting the "Made in Britain" sensibility that has led Walkers to their high level of quality.
The range shows off flavors such as "Classically Ready Salted with Salt from Cheshire", "Scrumptiously Smoked Bacon with Pork from Norfolk", "Simply Roast Chicken with Free Range Chicken from Devon", and "Tantalizingly Tomato Ketchup with Vale of Evesham Tomatoes"; just to name a few. Feel free to click below to get a better view of the new bags or visit www.Walkers.co.uk and be prepared to squint your eyes a little bit to read it all lol.

Love the new designs and descriptions, some of them make my mouth water just thinking about them. If you hadn't tried them already, hit up your local British Grocer and track these down. They are life changing-ly good!!

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