Sunday, March 24, 2013

Contest: Lay's Chile Crear Tu Sabor Finalists

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Lay's Chile ran their contest pretty quickly, it began in January and we already have 3 finalists. 3 very VERY unique finalists. "Chorrillana", "Queso Crema Soya", and "Salsa BBQ"... in layman's terms... "Chorrillana" is a typical Chilean dish, it's a plate of French Fries, covered in beef strips, eggs, fried onions and occasionally sausages. "Queso Crema & Soya" is cream cheese, soy sauce, and a hint of sesame seeds. (0_o)
Finally, "Salsa BBQ" is BBQ sauce. Strangely, this bag is not "BBQ ribs" or some other BBQ meat, it is just straight BBQ sauce.
All of these 3 flavors are full blown wacky (Im looking at you Cream Cheese and Soy Sauce!)
But, who am I to judge regional tastes?

I truly have NO preference in the outcome of this contest, I just want to see how it goes down. I've got to know if the people of Chile are really out their eating cream cheese and soy sauce and if it will win. This news made my day!

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