Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Margarita Colombia La Brasa Roja Pollo Asado

I know, I know, I have been saying I was going to review these chips for awhile now. Let me explain. I found out about these because my cousin brought me some from Colombia when he came to visit. I was so excited because I hadn't heard of them yet and I love Chicken flavors. I left it for 2 weeks in the kitchen and one day it was suddenly gone. I tripped out. Everyone knows you DO NOT eat my chips, especially imports. It must have been a guest who came over and didn't know, so I can't get mad, but it sucked. A few weeks after that my Aunt came to visit and I made sure to ask her to grab some before she came. She brought me a huge 10 pack! YAY!!
So I finallyyyy got to try these after waiting for so long. So lets get to the review. The potato is, as always, perfect. No burns, perfect texture, just the right size for 2-3 bites per chip, and a rich, yummy, potato flavor. The seasoning here is "La Brasa Roja's" signature Roast Chicken. "La Brasa Roja" is a Roasted Chicken restaurant chain in Colombia. For me, the seasoning had that punch of flavor you only find in crispy yet juicy Rotisserie'd Chicken Skin. Margarita also makes a regular "Pollo" flavor that has a more delicate Chicken flavor, but this "Pollo Asado" or "Roast Chicken" has that seasoned 'roasted' taste. The seasoning is frighteningly spot-on. I have never-ever had Chicken chips that had such an authentic flavor. These are really good, (a little on the salty side, but that could be because they are made for a high altitude region, so foods require a little more salt), but otherwise, the flavor tastes like the picture and it is INSANE. Another great bag from Margarita. MMM. Track these down if you are a Chicken chip lover. Its worth it!

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