Friday, March 1, 2013

Gotta Get At This: Lay's India French Salt & Cracked Pepper and Chile Limon

Two New Flavors!!! The lucky kids in India just got French Salt & Cracked Pepper AND Chile Limon, a double release. So Jealous. They are fairly straight forward, Chile Limon is a flavor we have here in the states and also I've seen it in a lot of middle eastern countries. Here in the States, its one of my faves, its spicy and sour but in the end it is all balanced out and tastes great on chips. Salt and Pepper is also fairly straight forward, most countries have some type of Salt and Pepper chip. We have it offered here in the States in the Kettle Cooked range. I don't love the US variety because to me it was all pepper and no salt, but I can't say that India's would have that problem. It's nice to see India is always willing to have a huge line of different products, they seem to always be expanding. Congrats India! PS, as always in India, Lay's come standard as Ruffles. They will always be Ruffle-cut unless they say otherwise. Just a tip incase you are looking to hunt these down :)

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