Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Contest: Lay's Perú Un Sabor Para Ganar

Another day, Another contest!
Lay's Peru is hosting their own create-a-flavor contest now; "Un Sabor Para Ganar!" or "A Flavor to Win!"
If you live in Peru, just go on http://www.lays.com.pe/ and enter. Peru already has some pretty interesting flavors in their range and they use all sorts of different Peruvian potatoes in some of their lines, so it seems they are bound to come up with some extraordinary flavors.
Not only are they using the cutting board logo for this contest (which started here in the USA with our first create-a-flavor contest), but they will also now be using the new US style bag with the colored edges and white center that we saw Cheesy Garlic Bread etc wearing. On the contest interface the contestants can select the color for the packaging, colors that include Orange, Green, Purple, and Royal Blue. Then just type in the Flavor and Description, and submit. The site does not, however, support putting an image of the related food item on the bag. Still, this is another chance to grab some new flavors! So, Rejoice!

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