Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lay's France Bolognaise

My friend brought me these from his recent trip to France, WHAT A GOOD FRIEND! lol
This is such a random flavor for France; Bolognaise or Bolognese sauce. A Bolognese, if you aren't aware, is an Italian meat-based sauce made from ground beef, tomato, and a bit of onion, celery, and carrot. However, most countries outside of Italy consider any tomato-based sauce with a bit of meat in it to be a Bolognese. These chips from France make no reference to the sauce or meat on the outside and just show the tomato and herbs to identify these as a Bolognese flavor. I can tell you right now, this bag doesn't taste like an authentic Italian ragu, but that doesn't mean a thing, these are still mighty good chips. The flavor that you get is more like fresh pizza sauce. You get a really bright, tangy, herb-y, and spicy combination of flavors. It reminded me of a coal brick oven thin crust pizza that I ate recently with chunks of fresh tomatoes and herbs. In fact the thin and somewhat flaky texture of the French chips was a great substitute for a thin crust pizza dough. The chip has a decent amount of potato flavor, but this seasoning is just enough to make you forget about the potato taste... without completely overwhelming it. The texture of the chips is comparable to the ones you find here in the States.I like flavors like this because they can appeal to a lot of chip lovers out there; If you like BBQ flavors I think you will like the tangy flavor, and if you like acidic flavors like Vinegar, I think you will like the bright tomato kick these have. I loved it, and was really happily surprised to have enjoyed it so much. I know France has a lot of unique flavors, but this one shouldn't be ignored. Tasty!

Have you tried this bag? Did you think it tasted like a "Bolognese"? or more like a "Marinara"? Sound off in the comments below.

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