Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lay's Canada Ketchup

You know people love you when they bring you bags of chips when they come visit you in the US, lol. My cousin sweetly brought me these little beauties on her quick trip over from Canada. Lay's Canada produces a pretty good chip and a great range of flavors, but one of the stand out gems is Ketchup flavor. Canada is the only country on our side of the pond to offer Ketchup flavor, so obviously, I get excited when I see it.
The chip itself is yummy, it has a good texture, much better than what is available in the US. It has a moderate potato flavor; it's not overwhelming but not totally devoid of potato taste either. This lends itself well to the Ketchup flavor because a few bites reminded me of fries and ketchup at McDonald's (maybe with a hint of those tiny chopped onions, mmm).
The Ketchup is tangy, sweet, and strong. The flavor is rich, and there is no mistaking that you are eating a Ketchup flavored chip. These are such a fun flavor, and I wish we had them here in the States, but I love knowing it is available in most other countries... and it's kind of fun to chase them down while on vacation. If you haven't ever had Ketchup flavored Lay's before, do yourself a favor. They're awesome!

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