Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lay's Canada Stax Cheddar

Another giftie from Lay's Canada! I'm not the biggest Stax fan, because to me they taste spot on like Pringles. But, my lovely cousin brought me these as a gift, and I had to try them. This'll be a quick review... We're all pretty familar with Cheddar flavored chips, they're nothing new. These are REALLY cheesy, and at first I thought they weren't anything special. I had a few more chips and started to taste something a little strange. Then I started to feel a little strange. I couldn't pinpoint what it was, but I knew I knew that taste. I flipped the can over and one of the first ingredients was Monosodium glutamate aka MSG. While these taste very similar to Cheddar Pringles, the MSG gives it a ZIP that you wouldn't find in a can of "chips" here in the states. My mom is allergic to MSG and I can be a bit sensitive to it, so for some this can be a really scary ingredient. If MSG is something you can tolerate easily, you will find these to be much more flavorful than the US counterpart. As for the chips... they aren't really chips, so I hate to call them that, but they taste exactly like the potato in Pringles or even the Lay's Stax here at home; those types of chips rarely have flavor inconsistencies. If you are a Cheddar Pringle lover, you will likely enjoy the potent cheese flavor in these.

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