Friday, August 23, 2013

Contest: Lay's Chile Crear Tu Sabor Winner 2013

Lay's Chile has selected their champion! 
This years winner of Chile's "Crear Tu Sabor" contest has been chosen and it is Mauricio Araya's Chorrillana!!
Chorrillana is a typical Chilean dish of French Fries topped with Beef strips, eggs, sometimes sausage, and cooked up onions. You can see Mauricio preparing a variation of it in the photo above using "Corte Americano" (Wavy Original) Potato Chips in place of the Fries. 
This seemed like the favorite to win from the beginning, as it is a popular dish in Chile. The other two flavors were super strange to me, and I didn't see them having a chance. One was BBQ sauce, which I thought was weird... not BBQ or BBQ'd meat... just BBQ sauce. Hmm. And the other was WEIRDDDD; Cream Cheese with Soy Sauce. WHAT? Who would want to eat that?? Tell me now! 
Mauricio's non-crazy flavor won him a cool 20 Million Chilean Pesos PLUS 1% of sales. Not bad, thats a little less than $40,000, and the percent of sales is a great bonus. So, Congratulations Mauricio! 

Note: This bag, as well as the other finalists were all Wavy cut. I also realized that the other known flavors in Chile ("Pizza" and "Sour Cream & Onion") are also Wavy cut. So it appears that the standard cut in Chile is the "Corte American" aka the Wavy.
Chile does, however, also offer the "Mediterraneas" line which more closely resembles the regular cut. And they have the "Resto" line which is a straight cut chip that is crunchier and has the potato skin left on.

Back to the programming at hand: If you're in Chile, and you loved those crazy flavors that didn't win, you'd ought to go stock up now before they are gone for good. I'd also love to know if anyone has tried the Chorrillana flavored bag yet. Is it any good? Let us know in the comments below!

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