Monday, August 19, 2013

Lay's USA Do Us A Flavor 2013 finalists back for a limited time!

Lay's USA has re-released "Sriracha" and "Chicken & Waffles" for a LIMITED TIME. The two finalists disappeared for a minute after "Garlic Cheesy Bread" won the Do Us A Flavor contest... but I started to notice that a few of my friends were posting pictures of these yummy treasures on instagram still. Now, Lay's' Facebook page has made it official and announced a Limited Time return of the discontinued bags. If you read my blog a few weeks ago criticizing Lay's USA for pulling the regional flavors without any warning, you should appreciate this as much as I do. Not only has Lay's announced that these are back, but they let fans know that they are only back for a short time, and encourage fans to "stock up". So if you were missing these beauties, I encourage you to "stock up" as well... cuz once they're gone, I doubt they will be back for a 3rd round. #TeamChicken&Waffles.

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