Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lay's France Barbecue

This bag is GOOOOD!! For realzz! Here is a bag of Barbecue flavored chips from Lay's France. The chips from France generally have a thin and flaky texture, but these ones weren't too crumbly... they held up surprisingly well and had a decent potato flavor payoff. The seasoning was definitely the star in this bag though, it was very even and used thoughtfully. Nothing is worse than a bag of just seasoning, so these were great. The seasoning had a bit of an orange glow so you could see it had perfect coverage over the whole chip. The flavor itself was that of a tangy, sweet, barbecue sauce mixed with the caramelized edges of grilled meat... mmm. The potato flavor itself  added some richness against the sweetness of the BBQ sauce flavor. It was all just very balanced. If you like BBQ flavored bags, but are put off by the heavy-handedness of seasoning in most bags (im looking at you America!) then this is your dream bag. Great bag for a snack. I downed half of it in 5 minutes, and for most, the whole bag will satisfy a powerful snack craving.

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