Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lay's USA Cappuccino

YUM! I loved this bag. It was sweet and salty and everything I ever wanted. But, I'll say it now out the gate, I did NOT taste Cappuccino.
To me, the thinly sliced chip and it's rich potato flavor along with the sweet spice mix, reminded me a lot of Churros! I could definitely pick up Cinnamon and a hint of cocoa. which show up on the ingredients list. Actually I thought it tasted like a Chocolate flavored Churro in cinnamon sugar. mmm. My friends on the other hand thought this was disgusting... soooo, it seems a matter of taste. But to me, this was awesome. The potato in this bag was once again surprisingly beautiful.. perfectly even cooked chips, not burned or overcooked. The cocoa dust colored seasoning coated them evenly. So, I've got to admit, Lay's USA looks like they've finally sorted out there issues with below par potatoes. There isn't much else to say about this bag. It definitely is made for a person who is seeking out a "crazy" potato chip experience... not the general public. In my opinion, it was that fun experience, and if it wasn't a bajillion degrees out in the summer, I could see myself eating these more often. (It's definitely a winter chip, lol.) But I liked it, and will def get a few more bags before they disappear. Maybe they could have done with some sea salt too, but I won't get picky.
Will it win? Hell no. Should you try it before it disappears? MOST DEFINITELY!

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