Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lay's USA Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese

Hi kids! So, let's get to what I know you all want to hear about... my first review from Lay's USA's "Do Us A Flavor" 2014 flavor finalists. Today, I'm gonna talk about the flavor that I'm fairly certain will end up winning; "Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese".  The bag alone is pretty appealing... Gooey Mac & Cheese running down a pot, topped with bacon, with crispy bacon sliced to the side, and a pretty perfectly cooked chip to the right. Opening the bag you get a scent similar to Cheddar Ruffles, a thick and savory cheese smell. But, the unique selling point here is the bacon, and the scent of fatty, rich bacon is here as well. Looking in the bag, you see BEAUTIFUL well cooked chips. No burnt bits, no crappy broken pieces. The chips were shockingly even, perfect slices, with fair even seasoning distribution. (I usually bring chip quality up as a complaint with Lay's USA, but this is the 2nd bag I've tried recently to have amazing quality chips inside. I'm insanely impressed right now. However, I still maintain that the potato itself could still use some potato flavor. But, hell, progress is progress).
As for the flavor, like I said, the seasoning is applied evenly and every chip had a 'just right' amount of flavor. The chips were orange (easy mac powder?) With brown flecks. You definitely get Cheddar flavor. That is the most notable taste. But, you get a subtle flavor from the bacon as well. The bacon adds depth and character to what could otherwise be just a Cheddar chip. And while I felt I could taste it lightly on my palate, my friend insisted he couldn't taste Bacon at all. So, this may not be the bag Bacon lovers have been dreaming of... but to me, it hits a bit of the spot.
So, why do I think this bag will win? It's pretty obvious, isn't it? This bag has everything the American public want... Cheese and Bacon. PLUS, look at the competition... Cappuccino,  Wasabi, and Mango Salsa... They're fun, but who wants to buy those year round? (Other than me?). Soooo! Did you try these yet? Are you a Cheddar lover looking to upgrade? Are you stoked to taste these? Let us know in the comments below...

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