Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gotta Get At This: Lay's Hungary Summer Flavors - Summer Barbeque, Summer Salad, & Summer Cheese in Herbs

 Lay's Hungary just debuted 3 new seasonal flavors to seek out this Summer.
The first new flavor is "Summer Barbeque". The bag shows off a gorgeous looking steak, so I assume this is a meaty BBQ flavor. It's hard to go wrong with BBQ. So, this is one I'd love to try.

Next up, "Summer Salad" is described as a refreshing and light mix of Cucumber and Sour Cream. I have no idea what this could taste like, I know a lot of Countries use Cucumber, but the US doesn't, so IDK how that works on a chip.
I feel like it could be similar to Canada's "Tzatziki" flavor, but hopefully not as salty.

Lastly, "Summer Cheese in Herbs" is described a soft creamy cheesy with herbs. This comes on a Ruffled Chip, so I assume it is probably a bolder seasoning. Something similar to "Sour Cream and Onion". Sounds delicious!

So, are you gonna be in Hungary any time soon? Get these quick cuz they are Seasonal flavors here just for the Summer!!

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