Monday, June 1, 2015

Contest: Lay's Dominicana and Guatemala Cual Es El Sabor 2015 Mystery Bags

Here's another new Guess the Flavor contest, this time happening in the Dominican Republic. Normally, I would be stoked to tell you guys about this, but I'm pretty certain that we will never actually find out what this mystery flavor is.
SEEE... I've actually ranted about the team behind Lay's in the Dominican Republic before... and while I've never tried their chips before, I can tell you their marketing is the worst. Just the worst.
In 2012 they ran a campaign similar to "Do Us A Flavor" where customers pick a winning fan flavor. But then they just stopped running the campaign online and up until this month their Facebook was just sitting there asking fans still to vote (just go on their FB and scroll down the last few photos to see the evidence). Then last year, they participated in the South American "Copa De Sabores" World Cup Flavor competition. The Dominican Republic page is STILL sitting there asking fans to vote and waiting for a Champion to be chosen, check that out here.
 Now, out of the blue, after their FB has been idle for 3 years, Lay's Dominicana is finally announcing another new campaign.
Fans just need to buy the bag, taste it, and go to to submit their flavor guesses. Guess right and win some $$$.
I love these contests, but I am not holding my breath that I'll ever find out what the flavor is.
So, why am I talking about it? Well, I still think it's something worth hunting down if you are passing through the Dominican Republic. Just because the marketing department needs help doesn't mean that the chips aren't fun or delicious.
So enjoy the hunt chip fans! and let us know in the comments what you think these taste like! I wanna know!!

UPDATE: as with many other contests DR has held, they have now added Guatemala to this contest. The 2 Countries now share a contest website which now blocks you out from the US and says "this site is inaccessible from your Country". Whether the flavors are the same in both regions, I'm not sure.

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