Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lay's Thailand กุ้งมังกรผัดซอสเอ็กซ์โอ Fried Lobster in XO Sauce

Yo. I should not have done this. Ok. I just, I shouldn't have.
This, my friends, is Lay's Thailand's version of "Chinese Fried Lobster in XO Sauce". And you know what? It tastes like "Chinese Fried Lobster in XO Sauce".
Let's start with the smell, the bag smells like Hot Asian Seafood. Like, when you put your face right down into the plate at a Chinese restaurant and your plate is still hot, and you breathe in deep and you smell that plate. Surprisingly though, very authentic.
The chips were fine, I'm not gonna lie and tell you I was focused on the chips, cuz I wasn't. I was paying attention to the seasoning. Thailand's got a good chip though, much better than most other Countries. They looked exactly like the one on the picture of the bag, but with a brown-orange seasoning on it.
Now, the seasoning is SPOT ON. Like no joke, I tasted Lobster, and a myriad of hearty Chinese spices.You get the bold Lobster flavor, definitely shellfish, and it is hugged by a complicated mix of garlic and onion and chili and so many things.

I grew up in a largely Chinese community, went to Chinese school when I was little, and have even toured the Country... so I feel very confident saying that this bag was seasoned very authentically. If I closed my eyes, I would say these were Chinese chips before predicting Thai.

So, was this bag a success or a failure? Well, while I completely regret trying these (the things I do for this blog), I think the bag is a total success! This bag isn't made for a person like me who would sit at home and munch on Cheetos if given a choice; it's made for the Thai consumer, who have MANY more fish flavored snacks than we do in the US. And this bag was really a killer seafood flavor. It was complex with Lobster flavor finished by the variety of aromatic spices. To nail the flavor so perfectly, and to make the potato chip suit that seasoning so well, is a very hard task to achieve.

I think this bag is probably like Chip Report Level: Expert, but if you are a daring soul, you might as well just try it. Or if you are in Thailand and want to have an experience, just do it. But I don't think you need to chase these down, unless you really love your fishy flavored snacks, then by all means this is a great one! I picked these up rather easily on Amazon and just had them delivered to my door. Easy Peezy.

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