Saturday, June 20, 2015

Walkers UK Extra Crunchy Sticky BBQ Rib

MMMM. Walkers. How I missed you.
This is an exquisite bag of Walkers Extra Crunchy in "Sticky BBQ Rib" flavor. The chip comes in the Extra Crunchy cut which is a thicker cut chip... not exactly a Kettle Cook, but somewhere between that and a regular cut. It's a great texture, really, and allows the taster to get more of that lush potato flavor from the chip. And as I've mentioned before, Walkers use some of the most flavorful potatoes around. They always use British potatoes, and it makes a huge difference.
Opening the bag, it smells fantastic, it has a sweet hearty almost meaty smell. The seasoning is typical Walkers, it's a bit similar to prawn cocktail, or ketchup, in that this BBQ flavor has a sweet and tangy brightness to it. But it is still very much a BBQ flavor. I think after trying this, they made the right choice not to just label it BBQ like the millions of other BBQ bags out there, because this isn't that flavor. It is definitely the kind of sweet, sticky BBQ you could imagine yourself licking off of your fingers after eating ribs.
This bag is a complete home run to me, and I'm highly recommending you hunt this baby down. The bag was pretty big, and I practically inhaled it in a day. Good job yet again Walkers!

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