Sunday, February 7, 2016

OK Here's Some Late News: Lay's Canada Do Us A Flavor 2015 & Winner

 Look guys, I haven't even OPENED the US bags, so I definitely didn't even report this contest. But these sound wack so don't trip, we missed nothing. The typical Do Us A Flavor contest was conducted and there were 4 flavors selected. The flavor finalists were "Cowboy BBQ Beans", "Butter Chicken", "Montreal Smoked Meat", & "P.E.I. Scalloped Potatoes".
I don't think any of these things sound good. I would rather eat that weird Moose meat bag from 2 years ago. If you disagree with this, comment below, I'd like to hear a defense for these gross flavors.

"Hey Terrance, you know what sounds delicious? BBQ Beans flavored Crisps."

Try to believe that sentence! It's IMPOSSIBLE!

So of course the least offensive flavor was chosen. "P.E.I Scalloped Potatoes"... I don't know what PEI stands for, and I'm not googling that shit for one second. So to me, cheesy potatoes won the contest, and since chips are potatoes already... cheese flavor, the most basic of all g-damn flavors, won the contest.
That's right. A nationwide competition for the winner to be CHEESE.
These finalists and this winner offend me, in case that wasn't clear. I'm done with this article.


  1. Come on grumpy! PEI is surely Prince Edward Island. Which I know nothing about except Anne of Green Gables lived there.
    But those flavours sure do sound dreary.

  2. Hahahaha. Georgina, Grumpiness is the lifeblood that fuels this blog. And I am American, so I cannot be expected to know geographical references, let alone those named after monarchs. LOL!
    I think the point of these contests is to come up with original and interesting flavors, and if they don't do that then I'm gonna call them out on it. Introduce these in the regular collection, but don't sell them as unique. You know?

  3. The Montreal Smoked Meat was disgusting... and it really stuck with you. The BBQ beans was surprisingly good. I didn't try the PEI potatoes or butter chicken.