Monday, February 29, 2016

Lay's Argentina Asado

Got this awesome flavor from my lovely friend who just moved to Argentina and brought them back with her on a visit. "Asado" is a "Grilled Beef" flavor, plain and simple in the best way. Unlike an American Style BBQ flavor, which would focus on the BBQ sauce, this South American BBQ is focused on the the actual Beef. This lovely bag of chips features a pretty decent potato chip with good potato flavor. These nice chips make the perfect showcase for the smokey, chargrilled, beef seasoning. It tasted so genuine, so fresh off the grill. It was a Willy Wonka moment.
The awesomely unexpected bonus to this bag was that it was actually meat free, so my Vegetarian friend who brought these with her was able to eat them. For a vegetarian chip, it was insanely convincing.
I really loved this flavor. It was simple, no gimmicks, and just tasty.
Good job Argentina!


  1. Sounds sensational! I really like the sound of this crisp.
    Now.... who can I send to Argentina to buy me a packet?

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