Friday, February 5, 2016

OK Here's Some Late News: Walkers UK Market Deli & Sensations Lime with Thai Spices

Walkers in the UK has also launched the Market Deli line I talked about the other day from Holland. They've got 3 of the same flavors "Balsamic Vinegar of Modena", "Flame Grilled Spanish Chorizo with Roasted Onion", and "Wiltshire Cured Ham, Mature Cheddar and Farmhouse Chutney". Plus 2 more flavors "Cornish Mature Cheddar" and "Anglesey Sea Salt". As I said before, the sophistication of the flavors makes these really exciting and unique in the world of Lay's.

Another differentiation between the UK range and Netherlands is the expansion into Pita Chips and Tortilla Chips. Even though I don't really mention these usually, I might as well cover the expanded range. The Pita Chips are available in "Roasted Garlic and Mediterranean Herbs"and "Sweet Roasted Red Pepper with English Tomato". The Tortilla Chips are flavored as "Roasted Red Chilli with Mediterranean Sundried Tomato" and "Anglesey Sea Salt with Cracked Black Pepper".

Real Talk: These are beautiful and I want them. That is all.

(Apparently this line came out first, and that's why it's a more comprehensive line than the Dutch one)

 Last little Bonus is that the Sensations line has added a new potato chip flavor in their "Gently Infused Lime with Thai Spices" flavor. Sounds literally perfect. Lime and spice go great together. The Sensations line has always been that more sophisticated line of Potato chip flavors from Lay's/ Walkers. And even with the new Market Deli collection, it still will be an elevated flavor experience from the run-of-the-mill chips. So this new flavor seems to just be a continuation of that experience.


  1. Hi Gina! I have picked up the Balsamic Vinegar and Mature Cheddar Chips for you. And also the Roasted Red Pepper and Roasted Garlic Pita Chips. And lucky for me they were on special.
    Walkers launched Market Deli here a couple of years ago with much trumpeting. They invited food bloggers and real chefs and I don't know who else for a very fancy launch party. I don't know how popular Market Deli is. I suspect not very because they are always on the bottom shelf at Waitrose. I thought them very tasty but expensive. So I look forward to seeing what you have to say.
    My local supermarket is not very good on the crispy snack front but I often take the bus to a larger shop which usually has a different selection so I'll see what they have.

    The reluctant taste testers and I have tried these 2 flavours of chips and also the Roasted Garlic Pita chips.

  2. Wait, these have been out for a couple of years? OOPS. Don't know how I missed them.