Friday, September 9, 2016

Lay's USA Brazilian Picanha

Another day, another bag of Lay's Passport to Flavors Chips. Today we make a stop in Brazil for "Picanha", a traditional skewered meat roasted over charcoal. The Picanha in particular comes from the Rump of the cow. The barbecued beef is served with Chimichurri sauce.

This bag, this one right here. It tastes like basic carne asada, ok?

What is going on Lay's? When you open the bag, the smell is pure molasses-sugary-sweetness. Idk why!!! If there is any sweetness in the flavor, it is barely noticeable and only on the first few chips, so why the sweet smell is so overwhelming, I haven't a clue. The flavor is beef definitely, and what I refer to as "generic meat seasonings"... there is not a single hint of Chimichurri to be tasted (which is unfortunate). As you eat further down the bag, the seasoning builds and you get a really hearty seasoned meat flavor. There is NOTHING wrong with it. But it ISN'T Brazilian BBQ. The potato, btw, is solid, nothing to talk about really. So, the stand out was that generic seasoning, and then my friend described it as carne asada, and the whole world suddenly made sense. IDK WHY LAYS, but you made Carne Asada chips, and you tried to hustle them to American who may not know the difference between Latin meat seasonings. SHAME!

But, in all honesty, these are tasty, so don't listen to my complaints and grab a bag now before they are gone for good.

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