Monday, September 5, 2016

Sabritas Mexico Intercambio de Sabor Promotion

Sabritas Mexico is running a promotion right now, very similar to the "Flavor Swap" one Lay's USA launched in the first half of the year... the "Intercambio de Sabor" (aka Change of Flavor) promo pits 2 classic Sabritas Flavors against 2 new Flavors to see which chip fans prefer. The first face-off is between classic "Flamin' Hot" and the new "Ali Chili" which is flavored with Chile Manzano and inspired by Egypt. The second battle is between classic "Adobadas" and the new "Aci Thai" which is flavored with Chile Acidulce and inspired by Thailand. I'm guessing "Acidulce" means "Thai Sweet Chili"; which is a pretty popular chip flavor everywhere except here in the States. The Manzano or Apple Chili is a pepper that is similar to a Serrano in terms of heat. The new flavors did not fair well against the classics here in the US, and I doubt they will beat the classics in Mexico either... so consider these 2 new limited edition flavors and pick them up while you can!

PS. I can't understand how I almost missed this... CHECK OUT THE PACKAGING! The Egyptian inspired one bares the Chipsy Egypt logo, while the Thai one bares the Lay's Thailand logo. This is how the bags are being sold in Mexico. They are worth hunting down just for that novelty. Happy Hunting!!

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