Friday, March 9, 2012

Gotta Get At This: Margarita Tradiciones

YAY. New chips!! Looks like Margarita from Colombia has just launched a new line called "Tradiciones". They are advertising the line as crunchier than the typical chip and that the chips will be made with the potato skins on. MMM my favorite part is def the skin, so this should be a fun new line. "Tradiciones" means "Traditions" in English, and the line is being advertised with the tagline "El Sabor que revive Buenos Momentos"... essentially "The flavor that revives good moments (or memories)". They look like they may be Kettle cooked, but I can't be sure based on the website. There are 3 flavors in the line "Con Toque de Sal" or "a touch of Salt", "Con Toque de Ajo" or "a touch of Garlic", and "Con Sazón Casera" which is "home-style seasonings".
(Note that on youtube there is a 90's ad for homestyle/Casera chips from Margarita... so this flavor may be a re-release. ). I am SOO down to try the Garlic flavored ones and in fact the whole line sounds yummy. I don't know if these are permanent editions or limited, but if you have a hookup in South America, try and track em down :))

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