Friday, March 9, 2012

Walkers UK What's This Flavour? Mystery Flavour C

Well kids, I was able to track down at least one of these Mystery Flavor Walkers! Here is Mystery Flavour C. Around the net had already given up that this was possibly a curry flavor, and as soon as the bag was opened I breathed in "Indian food" smell. Listen, I live in Southern California, and as much as this place is a melting pot, Indian food is just NOT something you can get here. I've eaten very little Indian food in my life. So, right off the bat, I am poorly qualified to tell you what flavor this bag is. Here is what I can tell you, right away my friend and I both called out Chicken dishes. I said some sort of Butter chicken, and he called out Tandori. The spice mix was vibrant, sweet, and hearty. Very complex for a chip seasoning. It has a nice, super subtle, low and bright heat. Aside from that I can't say more.
All in all, a fun bag. Has everything you love from Walkers; excellent potatoes and even, delicate spicing. If you like Indian food it will be something you're bound to love. Tonight is the last chance to submit your guess to Walkers to win the 50,000 Euro prize... so I will update this post soon with what the flavor actually is. I hope I'm close!

UPDATE: This flavor was.... "Birmingham Chicken Balti"! I have no idea what that is but YAYY! for me! I got the Chicken part right! Suckas!

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