Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sabritas Mexico Adobadas

Here's my first bag of Mexican Sabritas chips. Totally had no idea what to expect from these but I was VERY pleasantly surprised. When I opened this bag I was SMACKED in the face with the smell of cumin. I FUGGIN HATE CUMIN. Do you hear me spice producers?? Cumin is disgusting!! So I kinda threw the bag at my mom and told her to try them first. When I looked back at her, half of the bag was gone. I wrestled it back at that point. Getting past the smell; I tried one. Note: I still do not know what "Adobadas" is but I think it's a Mexican dish or sauce or marinade.
Not sure, but these chips had everything. The seasoning was hearty tasting and tomato-y, but then it was sour. Unlike every other potato chip I've tasted so far, which are usually either savory or acidic; this seasoning has managed to capture both. It was like that perfect bite of Mexican food where you've managed to get tortilla and meat and sauce and lime all onto the same bite. I couldn't believe it. The cumin on these is not subtle though, so it loses points with me for that. Now we'll talk about the chip. It definitely has more Potato flavor than the US counterpart, and they aren't overfried to the point that they are bubbled and flakey. The strange part was they had the texture almost like baked Lay's and regular Lay's had a baby. They were all kind of flat and way crunchier. But, still, it was closer to the fried Lay's that we know. I will say that aesthetically, I didn't like that the chips had a lot of dark marks on them. I don't know where those spots came from, but they looked like burns or poor quality potatoes... looks wise, but the taste was killer, and that is really the key.
So I recommend these. At least try them once... but get the authentic ones from across the border, because they do make this flavor for Latin communities under the US smiley face Sabritas brand. (Authentic ones will say "Hecho en Mexico" on the back.)

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