Saturday, December 1, 2012

Margarita Colombia Tradiciones Con Sazon Casera

Yum Yum Yummy Yum Yum....
I finally got to try a bag of Margarita Tradiciones! These are a delicious, thick cut chip, with the potato skin still on. Margarita make some of my favorite potato chips ever, they are very similar in taste and texture to Walkers from the UK. The Tradiciones line gives you a thicker cut chip which means even more potato flavor, and the skin on the chip is a nice added touch. This particular bag is "Sazon Casera" which means "Homestyle Seasoning"... this seasoning is typical Colombian cooking essentials: Onion, Paprika, Garlic, Pepper, and Cumin. The seasoning was SUPER delicate, it was very faint on the palate. You could ALMOST get away with telling someone these were plain salted... almost. You get more of an after-taste from the spice mix than you do when you take your first bite. Maybe this is because these are meant to be a more natural tasting potato chip... whatever the case, the potatoes are definitely the star of this bag. For someone like me who likes a subtly seasoned chip these were delicious (but again, almost too little), so if you are chasing these down based on just the flavoring, you may be a bit let down. I recommend these for potato chip lovers who prefer a well cooked chip to a wacky flavor offering. I personally thought it was great, and well worth the hunt! Great job again Margarita!

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