Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gotta Get at This: Lay's India Party Flavors

Let's get this party started!!! Whoop Whoop!!
Lay's India's rocking out with new Party Flavours! The two new flavors are "Smoked Barbeque" and "Spicy Sizzle". The interesting thing about the Barbeque flavor is that it is CLEARLY a veggie skewer. As we all know, a large percentage of people living in India are vegetarians, so this makes perfect sense. I've had a different bag in the past that I thought was veggie bbq but depicted a chicken skewer on the front, so, it's nice to see a clear label that leaves no question about what is inside. As for "Spicy Sizzle", the flavor is meant to be like a hot fajita plate of spicy grilled veggies. I'm not sure of much more than that, but I'm sure it's taste is something like grilled veggies and hot Indian seasoning. Indian seasonings are known to already be on the spicy side, so for the bag to be labeled spicy... i'm thinking this is a hot bag of chips.
The standard Lay's in India are always Ruffles, so if you are into these vegetarian friendly options, be aware that they are not the thin regular Lay's but thicker Ruffles.

I'm interested in tracking down the "Smoked Barbeque" flavor just because I'm curious to compare it with our meat bbq here stateside. I've seen a few Lay's India flavors pop up now and then online like "Magic Masala", so I'll see if I can snag a bag for review. Good luck hunting! and Happy Holidays everyone!

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