Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Contest: Lay's Belgium Maak Je Smaak The Battle

It's coming....
Lay's Belgium will be starting their Maak Je Smaak (Make the Taste) contest for 2013 beginning on January 14th next year. Citizens of Belgium will be able to submit their flavor choice to become the next Limited Edition release... along with the chance to win fabulous prizes.

Last year's winner was "Bicky Crisp", flavored like a popular Hamburger, the Bicky Burger from Dutch restaurant chain Beckers. But this isn't just any Hamburger... The Bicky Burger is a deep fried patty, made from a combination of chicken, pork and horse meat. The burger is topped with three sauces; yellow Bicky Dressing, Red Bicky Ketchup, and brown Bicky Hot Sauce. Lastly, it's got pickles and deep fried onions, all together on a sesame seed bun. 
The unique taste of the meat and sauce combo has made this burger a phenomenon in Belgium and led to it being the overwhelming winner in the first Maak Je Smaak contest. 
 To contend, any flavors in 2013 will have to be as unique and appealing to Belgians as "Bicky Crisp" was.

Following the lead of the Netherlands in their Maak De Smaak Contest for 2012, Belgium has themed their next contest as "The Battle" and the contest will follow the rounds format; having a submissions round, semi final round, and final round. 
We're about a month away, but I can't wait to see how this will turn out. I'm also interested to see if the "Bicky Crisp" chips will have a life beyond their one year as contest winner... seeing as they are so loved. 
All will be revealed next year!

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