Friday, December 14, 2012

Lay's Guatemala Ponle Tu Sabor A Lay's Winner 2012

Congrats to Francisco Ruiz, the winner of Lay's Guatemala's Ponle Tu Sabor A Lay's contest this year. The yummy looking flavor of "Lomito Encebollado" will now be added to Lay's range in Guatemala and he has just won $10,000 GTQ. The flavor is grilled beef loin with onions, which just sounds ridiculously good. I really want to try these if I can get my hands on them! I've got to say again, the packaging is just SO cool. It  has a touch of 80s style with the white striped top, but it's super modern logo makes it look fresh. Then you've got the sliced food turning into chips, which makes you feel like the chip will taste exactly like what you are seeing... which is just a concept I really like. All together, I just adore the packaging. There is a lot to get excited about with this bag, so, itll be fun to hunt it down.
Big ups again to the winner!!

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