Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lay's Thailand Hot and Spicy Crab

How cool is this bag??!
My cousin regularly visits Thailand for work and I finally realized I should ask him to bring me back some chips! DUH!
Here is Hot and Spicy Crab! This bag clearly is meant to appeal to local tastes. Not only is it a seafood flavor, which is common in Asian snack foods, but it also features a hot and spicy seasoning that is very typically Thai. This bag is made for daring foodies. The bag opens up with a very rich aroma of crab and spice. The first taste you get is a sweet chili taste, but that fades quickly to a strong aromatic spice... a HOT, strong, aromatic spice. You get some chili, spring onion, garlic, and maybe a bit of ginger. This is where the pure Thai flavor comes through. Finally near the end there is a vaguely crab flavor. It is subtle and plays second fiddle to the chili mix. The potato chip is a nice thickness. It's thinner than Walkers but not as flakey thin as Lay's USA. They look EXACTLY like the chip depicted on the bag but are covered in red orange seasoning. The potato taste is light next to the strong seasoning. This bag is like the stronger, older brother of Walker's Thai Sweet Chili... and although it packs a HUGE punch, I still think fans of Thai Sweet Chili might enjoy it. Now, I'm a weakling when it comes to spicy food, so I could only eat a couple of these... but if you can handle the heat, these are worth hunting down. I've seen them multiple times on ebay and Amazon... so they can't be too hard to track down here in the states. I have a lot of respect for the complexity of flavor in this bag and highly recommend them. I'm really grateful I got the chance to try these. They are another amazing example that Lay's can be a crash course to a Nation's food culture. Very cool!

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