Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gotta Get At This: Lay's Belgium Limited Edition Pesto Mozzarella

 Just found this new image up on Lay's Belgium's website. It's an updated lineup image of their regular chips range. The list of flavors hasn't been updated yet to include the new info, so all the news comes from this one picture... but it's interesting news. Primarily, a new Limited Edition flavor... "PESTO MOZZARELLA"! Mmmm. That sounds SO good! I'm jealous! I want it!
This is not the replacement to "Bicky Crisp", because that contest is still in it's early stages, which makes this a stand-alone Limited Edition. That also means that with another Limited Edition coming soon, there is no guarantee on how long this will be available. I recommend hunting this down ASAP!

This image also offered up some other interesting news; new packaging for the beloved "Bicky Crisp"! As I've mentioned here before, "Bicky Crisp" was the winner of the first Maak Je Smaak contest in 2012. It won by a landslide and became a huge hit. I speculated a few weeks ago, that it would probably join the permanent lineup just because it was so loved... and here we see a new packaging with the Limited Edition banner removed. So it looks like those of us who have yet to try it will still have the chance!

The people of Belgium have a really comprehensive selection of chips available to them now, not only in this range, but from the Sensations line and the Harvest line as well. Luckies!! If you know any of these lucky folks, let me know, I'm gonna ask them to send me some of these little treasures lol!

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