Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Walkers UK Salt & Shake

Here is an interesting bag of Walkers from the UK. These are Salt & Shake, a Walkers rebranding of the popular UK Smith's Salt N Shake bag. The Salt N Shake bag began when Frank Smith began selling his crisps with a 0.6g package of salt. Customers could add the salt at their discretion and shake the bag up to spread the flavor. Smith's was eventually bought out by Pepsi/Frito Lay (as was Walkers) and in 2003 It was rebranded into the Walkers range. I first popped this bag open and found my tiny blue packet of salt. Before dressing it up, I tried a chip on it's own. You never think about how vital Salt is to a chip until you have one without salt. It was bland and seemed to feel like it had more grease than usual. Actually, now that I think about it, it probably did... that way the salt would stick to it (duh, Gina). I tore open the packet and poured in the Salt, shook it up, and dove in. Sadly I had to reshake it like 4 times to get some decent coverage. The chips basically got Saltier as I got closer to the bottom because all the salt decided it wanted to live at the bottom of the bag. And even the saltiest of the chips was moderately seasoned. It was a fun bag to eat just for the novelty, but I would save this for people who are on a diet that needs to regulate sodium, or the faint, who just don't care for salty chips. These are definitely yummy and edible, but if I want salt flavored crisps in the UK, I'm gonna grab Walkers "Ready Salted".

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