Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lay's Thailand Nori Seaweed

Check it out! Here is a very cool looking bag, Nori Seaweed from Lay's Thailand. I was really excited about these, but unfortunately I couldn't get passed 4 or 5 chips. The potato is cooked perfectly and when you pop open this bag you see beautiful colored chips staring up at you screaming "eat me!". The chips are all perfect size and light golden toned with little flecks of real Nori. I eat a lot of Nori here in Southern California, so I was ready to compare this to a roll of delicious sushi. And at first, the chip kind of takes the substitute place of rice, and the nori comes through and the whole thing comes together... but then there is an aftertaste I find hard to describe. Maybe it is the stand in for the fishy taste, but that's not how it came across to me. It tasted VERY MUCH like Lay's Arabia French Cheese (albeit not as potent in strength). The more chips I had, the stronger the aftertaste got. And if you read my review of French Cheese... I really did NOT like that aftertaste. It's like if sweaty foot smell was turned into a taste. But again, in this bag it isn't overwhelming, it just comes in at the end and sits around on your palate. I wish it didn't have this taste because Nori does have such a nice flavor and it does come through purely at the beginning, but if you ask me, this was more of an attempt at a Nori wrapped roll than Nori by itself. To cut to the chase, I wouldn't dismiss this bag if you have never tried it... it's fun just to say you've tried it. But for me this isn't a favorite, and I don't see myself going out of my way to get it again. For those of you looking for it, I know they have it on Amazon and on ebay right now; so if you're still willing to try these, Happy Hunting!

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