Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lay's USA Tangy Carolina BBQ

I am admittedly not a BBQ chip fan, so when I bought this bag I was really holding off on eating it. It's Lay's Tangy Carolina BBQ, from their Regional inspired selections. This flavor is based on BBQ from the South (obviously, Carolina lol), and is available nationwide. When some friends came over I figured it was the perfect chance to pour these in a bowl and share. They got in there first and I started to hear a lot of noise about how good they were... so I grabbed a couple and had a bite. These were a HUGE surprise. The BBQ seasoning is relatively light when compared to straight up BBQ. It is in fact Tangy and has a bit of a spicy burn to it that comes from Cayenne Pepper and Vinegar. You also get a nice bit of BBQ sweetness from the Brown Sugar they use. I found the seasoning to be THE BEST BBQ flavor I've ever tasted (bold statement, I know). The chips were not a large as I usually see from Lay's, they were medium sized, which I prefer. They were still typical of Lay's texture... that feeling that they've had all the flavor and life sucked out of them from sitting in oil for so long. There is no substantial potato flavor that can be noticed either. However, the pleasant seasoning makes these a worthwhile bag of chips, especially for a party. Now, unfortunately, I had one personal issue with this seasoning, and it really disappointed me... the Cayenne Pepper kept choking me every couple of chips. I don't know if it was a spice that I couldn't handle or a spice that I might potentially be allergic to, but either way, I couldn't really enjoy that chips after a couple choking fits. I was the only person this happened to out of the 6 of us. So, while I REALLY REALLY recommend these if you want an easy to find shelf brand of BBQ chips; I have to let you know that if you are sensitive to Cayenne this could happen to you too. If you are addicted to BBQ Lay's I insist you try these out, these were made for you. Check em out.

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