Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lay's Arabia Salt

I was SOO stoked to get these chips. The logo is so cute! These little baggies are from Lay's Arabia... which I guess you can find in many of the Emirates, my cousin grabbed me a few from Abu Dhabi when he went to visit his family for Christmas. So basically, it was Christmas for me too, YAY! First off, the bag is itty bitty. Its like the size of those really small bags that come in the giant Costco variety pack boxes. I love that they are rockin English and Arabic at the same time.

Alright; the point. These taste almost exactly like US Lay's. The salt is more invasive, almost like the potatoes were soaked in salt water pre-fry. Invasive is probably a bad word, but I can't think of a better one. These had a really great Salty flavor... I think a noticeable amount more than what we are used to. Since it's not a highly complex flavor, I'll talk more about the potato. It had a nice potato flavor, but it had a texture similar to the US stuff. I noticed that these, as with the US ones, seem to get LOTS of air bubbles in them. The bubbles make like 2 thin layers of chip separated by air, which make them feel flakier in your mouth. If you love the smooth texture of Walkers, you'll immediately notice the textural difference. Unlike the US ones, these have more potato taste (a little bit more) and less oil taste (way less) which ultimately make them tastier. I think people who don't eat chips often will think these taste EXACTLY like Lay's, so honestly, if you are in the middle east and looking for your Lay's fix, these will satisfy... otherwise, no need to hunt these down, unless it's for the fun looking bag :p

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