Thursday, January 12, 2012

Photoshoot: Lithuania

Here are some photos of Lay's on the shelf in Lithuania from my friend who just got back from there. Just fun to look at and see what flavors they've got over there... enjoy!


Oven Baked - Mediterranean Herb and Natural

Grilled Bacon

Spring Onion

Caviar and Creamy Spicy Tomato

Red Pepper and Ketchup Stix

Chili & Lime

Cheese (looks like French Cheese)

Creamy Forest Mushroom (this might be a soup flavor)

and finally Fromage (looks like sour cream and onion, but fromage means Cheese, so IDK)

I am all about that Caviar bag, it looks awesome. Also the Creamy Forest Mushroom and the Grilled Bacon. They all sound delish. Sadly they don't come in small bags (or are hard to find in small bags) and the big bags are hard to carry in luggage, so I couldn't get any. I'm gonna try to track them down online anyway, but for now it's kind of fun just to see what they've got :)

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