Monday, January 2, 2012

Lay's USA Limon

This is one of the worst bags of chips I've ever eaten. I was incredibly disappointed with everything about this bag. These are Lay's Limon flavor, which sounded so good when I looked at it on the shelf. The chip was a DISGUSTING fried flavorless mess. My stomach got physically ill from the quality of the chip. It was like a thinly sliced piece of sponge had been soaked in oil and fried for a day. I love lime juice, I go through lime's constantly... I'm from Southern California, so we dress everything up with it here. Being so close to the Mexican border I find these chips all the time... but I didn't try them until I started this blog, because, frankly, domestic Lay's are a let down. I opened the bag and took a whiff, I breathed in a potent but pleasant Lime smell. I grabbed a chip and set it back down to grab my phone... before I did, I licked my fingers and got a ton of delicious Lime taste... as if I had just been holding a real fresh lime. When I reached back in I noticed the ugly texture of the chips. I put one in my mouth and got smacked in the face with a TON of Lime flavor. Over done and heavily applied, this flavor was intense. The chip taste itself though was what stood out. It tasted NOTHING of potato... I tried and tried to find the potato taste but there was absolutely none. The oil tasted like cheap drive thru french fry oil, it was overwhelming. Lime and cheap oil... nothing could be less appealing. I had 5 chips.... that is all that I could stand. I would never buy these again, recommend them, or even give them away to a hobo. I need a tums a.s.a.p.

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