Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tapuchips Israel Kids Ketchup

Here's an interesting bag of potato treasure. My friend Dan just got back from his first trip to Israel and was eager to find a bag of chips to bring back for me to show off on the blog. Israel's version of Lay's are known as Tapuchips. Tapuchips come in regular chips, ruffles, and fries varieties... but they also have another line known as Tapuchips Kids. Tapuchips Kids come in puffs and small discs that have very delicate seasoning and melt in a kid's mouth.
We opened the bag and tried a handful; but the handful disappeared in a second... the air-y potato puffs melted away like cotton candy on my tongue. The seasoning was sweet and tomato-y, just what you would expect of Ketchup flavoring, but very lightly applied for kids. The strange thing was that I recognized the taste and flavoring instantly as a snack I used to eat when I had braces... Gerber Graduates Lil Crunchies in Garden Tomato Flavor. While those are made of puffed corn and grain as opposed to potato; they are practically the US equivalent of these Ketchup potato puffs.
Anyways, it was fun to try these even though they weren't exactly what I would normally review on this blog. Dan and I had a good laugh at his not realizing these were for kids, and chomping on these. I wouldn't recommend them as a snack you should try, these should be left to the kiddies; but if you must have a taste, grab the Gerber ones.

Gerber Graduates Lil Crunchies Garden Tomato

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