Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lay's USA Kettle Cooked Creamy Mediterranean Herb

Kettle chips are way too crunchy. That is just how I feel. I paid a lot of money to have nice teeth and I always feel like Kettle chips are gonna snap a piece off. Then I found Lay's Kettle Cooked, and my whole world changed.
Lay's has found the PERFECT balance of crunch and crisp with their line of Kettle Cooked chips. They have an awesome crunchy texture compared to plain chips, but without going overboard and making potato flavored rocks.
The first flavor I tried was the Creamy Mediterranean Herb. The potato was what I dream of from a Kettle cooked chip texturally; and the texture, along with the cooking method, really helped to bring out the potato flavor in the chip. Now, here is the downside to this bag... the seasoning. Unfortunately, I was NOT astounded by this flavoring. It tasted like Italian salad dressing and Ranch salad dressing had a baby. No joke. I make a lot of Italian dressing at home and this was SPOT-ON the flavor of the flavor packet. But with the added twist that it is creamy, it also reminds me of the Ranch dressing seasoning mix (because it's creamy not because these taste like Ranch). Anyways, I didn't like the creamy element. I thought these would taste much nicer, and less heavy or rich, if they were just "Mediterranean Herb" flavored. The other problem was these were soooo over-seasoned. It really is unnecessary for Lay's to drench these chips in seasoning when a little would go a long way (especially with flavors this intense). So, my honest feelings are that, while these chips have a awesome texture and flavor alone, this particular seasoning just was too overwhelming. The Kettle Cooked line are for sure my favorite chips made by Lay's US and my favorite Kettle style chips, but this flavor is a mess. Meh.

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