Saturday, December 17, 2011

Walkers UK Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli

Here's a quickie, I only had a handful of these because my British friend had picked them out for himself and I instead opted for Worcester Sauce... but what I tried was awesome! These are the Walkers Sensations line: Thai Sweet Chilli. They're sweet and spicy and delicious lol. All I recall is that the idea of Thai Chilli had scared me away, but after some convincing I tried one. It hits you with a lot of sweet flavor at first and the heat creeps up on you. I'm not a hot food lover; these were not just bearable, they were actually enjoyable. It's made for people who like a kick of spice, not palate sadists. It's a really well rounded and exciting flavor. As for the 100% British Potatoes, they, as always, were beyond perfect. Flavorful, rich, and potato-y. mmm. I will for sure be giving this bag another try next time I hit up the British grocer. Highly recommend.

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