Sunday, December 11, 2011

Margarita Colombia Costillitas BBQ Caramelizadas

Finally, the winner of Margarita's 2011 Flavor contest "Un Sabor Para Ganar"... drumroll please... The Winner is....
Costillitas BBQ Caramelizadas de Daniel!! (English: Daniel's Caramelized BBQ Ribs)

"Wait, really??"

That was my reaction when I heard this was the winner.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself, first, lets talk about this chip. Again, Margarita produces an AWESOME potato product; delicious, light, crunchy, potato-y, everything you want in a chip. The seasoning is rich and meaty, a bit like traditional US BBQ chips, but sweet, and you can taste the caramelized sauce. It was a good chip. And if I had tried it alone would have considered it a well executed sweet BBQ chip. BUT it wasn't alone. It was in a contest to win a permanent spot on store shelves against 2 unique and awesome other bags of chips. And my judgement was that the other 2 were in a whole 'nother league.
SO, how the HELL did this flavor win??
My guess is Colombia just really loves meat. It's a country where steaks are common mall food court offerings. Beef is fairly abundant there and eaten often. So maybe they're meat obsessed.
but maybe... this was all a con by Frito Lay, because .... HAMBURGUESA WAS ROBBED!!!! Hamburguesa deserved to win and we all know it!!

I'm sorry, I'm still a bit emotional about all this.

Anyways, if you like BBQ chips/ meaty chips, these are really nice. The seasoning is a little unique because of the caramelized flavor. You can pick them up whenever because they are allegedly becoming a full time flavor, so no rush. I don't think these are worthy of booking a flight to Colombia, or spending hours online trying to track down. But I think if you come across them they will make you happy. The best part for sure, in my opinion is the high quality potato, that alone make Margarita's worthy of a try.

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