Friday, December 30, 2011

Walkers UK Salt & Vinegar

mmm. Walkers Salt & Vinegar. These just make me stupidly happy. Walkers, as usual, offers up a scrumptious, light, perfectly crisp chip. It's full of potato flavor (100% British Potato flavor lol). Perfect potato yummyness. The seasoning on these is light and evenly applied. The overwhelming difference between these and the US Lay's is the amount of Vinegar used. While the US counterpart burns your mouth and feels soaked in Vinegar; these are comfortably seasoned with Vinegar. Walkers seems to be making chips for people who want to eat a POTATO chip with Vinegar on it. These don't burn, or make you overwhelmingly thirsty. They are just a simple seasoned bag of chips. All around, this is a fantastic bag of chips, it trusts that the eater doesn't need to be overwhelmed with seasoning, even a flavor as delicious as Vinegar. This bag, just like the Kettle Cooked counterpart from the US, is just made for a different Vinegar chip fan. This is the bag for someone who doesn't need to be smacked in the face with Vinegar to enjoy it's combination with a rich, salty, crispy potato. Grab these at a local British Grocer or on Amazon... they are really some of the best chips around. Highly recommend!

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