Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lay's France Max Pizza Pepperoni

Here's a bag of Lay's Max from France, comparable to Ruffles here in the States. Flavor: Pizza Pepperoni. Now, I've never been to France, but if this is their idea of Pizza I feel horrible for an entire nation. The crisps are fine, the texture is on point and has a hearty potato taste. The crunchiness is what you would expect from a thicker ruffled chip. But the flavor is a hot mess. Literally. Imagine, if you will, a sad slice of cafeteria pizza, now take off the cheap pepperoni, drain the neon orange grease, pour it on some plain Ruffles... and Voila! You have a bag of Pizza Pepperoni Lay's Max. The chips are even the color of pepperoni grease. They're spicy, meaty, and greasy. You do get a hint of that pork-y taste, but it is subtle and hidden behind the italian style spices and grease taste. Now, maybe I misunderstood (there is a bit of a language barrier); I saw the Pizza image on the bag and assumed it was "Pepperoni Pizza" flavor and expected Pizza taste. But, it does say "Pizza Pepperoni" so it is probably only supposed to taste like the greasy meat slices, and I believe that is what it is intended to taste like. So to a certain degree they were successful, it does taste like Pepperoni. The problem here is that it tastes like depressing hospital food Pepperoni. I haven't been able to finish the bag, and I've given some away to fellow chip lovers who also didn't really like them. I think if you love late night gas station pizza then you'll enjoy the flavor, but it was just too much like Pizza grease for me to enjoy it.

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