Friday, December 9, 2011

Margarita Colombia Onduladas Salsa Carbonara

Bag 2 of 3 from the Margarita Flavor contest. Flavor: Juan Camilo's Carbonara Sauce aka Salsa Carbonara de Juan Camilo in Spanish. This is the second bag i'm reviewing from the contest recently held by Margarita Chips from Colombia. This are Onduladas, basically Ruffles. Let's talk about the chip, it's nicely cut... with Ruffles you generally don't have much variation across countries because they all kind of taste the same. They're thick and crunchy. You do get a bit more potato flavor out of the chip but it's not really noticeable because of the seasoning. The seasoning is crazy, if you are a bacon fan this will definitely appeal to you in a way that I don't know if we've seen before. Because this is based on a cream sauce, its got the creaminess of, say, a cheese flavored chip or ranch flavor. But, it still tastes like Bacon. I don't eat a lot of Carbonara dishes... so I've just been describing it to friends as "Creamy Bacon". That is really the best way to describe it. If you are a bacon chip fan, this is a must try, its incredibly unique. It was also my second favorite of the 3 flavors, behind Hamburger. Unfortunately, this too was not the winner and will soon be discontinued. So, if you think this is something you wanna try, hunt it down now.

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